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Anonymous asked: You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.








“I had a moment when I first got on supernatural when I was like, “Oh my god, people are paying attention to me, I have fans, maybe I should cultivate an image and try to seem really cool.” I had this moment of being commercially self conscious and it took maybe a month for me to realize no, this is not who I fucking am, and here’s a picture of me in drag. Which is, by the way, so much more liberating and relaxing. There’s not a more sure fire way to give a stifled, boring, empty, vapid, meaningless interview than trying to say the right thing…”

-Misha Collins

reasons why this man is my hero

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What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.

—Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (via 5000letters)

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It’s a cute little thing though.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that owls are incredibly dangerous predators seen by cultures throughout  the world as ill omens. Especially when they look like toasted marshmallows.

My boss once described them as flying pillows filled with seething hatred.

Further confirming that owls are the avian equivalent of cats.

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